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Garden Update

3 Jun

From the bottom: Alchemilla (Lady’s Mantle), the going to seed winter Aconite, new growth and seed pods forming on the Hellebores,  the red fern leaf peony, sedum, turtlehead,  peonies in bud, to the right the first Clematis are in bloom, the purple is honesty–an annual.  What is not so apparent is the Aconite (Monkshood), the Egyptian onions, the Camassia just coming into bloom, some late little narcissus.

Now this is west of the vegetable garden showing, from the top: Oriental poppy in bud and bloom, chives (purple), winter onions(white), a large blooming onion family bulb from my Mom (purple, lower), the coming spires of Foxglove, and the red tree peony.

And below is looking South from there: the two pink tree peonies, a viburnum, rows of blueberries and  herbaceous peony on the left.

The Last Turkey Hunt

3 Jun

While I am thinking of hunting, the girl ran home Saturday morning right after she left with the dog with news that a tom was “all puffed up” and showing off to a few hens just above the house on the laneway.

Jay was at work. So we went on a hunt together. On went the camo. The gun was loaded. We were able to trek way around them, crossing an alfalfa field, going down the margin between it and the hayfield, into the woods and up a ridge where we could watch the four birds feed and gradually move our way. We watched and followed their progress as they kept drifting towards our concealment. But there were dips in the field and we lost sight of them.

When the girl went out to try to spot where the group was, the tom saw her and ran for it. No gentleman, he! They were down in behind a rise and when she popped up, he ran. The hens stayed until they eventually saw us.

Snake Hunting

3 Jun

A very minutely sized red-bellied (or Storer’s) snake came home with the girl about a month ago.  It was exchanged for a slightly larger one a week later.  It lived in a white bucket with some grass, a large piece of bark and wood to hide under and the sowbugs and small earthworms which are its food.  She finally had pity on the creature and let it go yesterday in a flower bed after it spent most of the morning shedding its skin.  So it must have been eating.

Then she spent a couple hours hunting for and finding numerous snakes of several kinds and sizes up back.  Maybe I will go with her to document some today.  I am sure one will come home with her.

Birds Again

3 Jun

Yesterday the girl brought me a young (not yet fledged, but with some feathers) grackle a robin was harassing.  We put it in the rabbit hutch for awhile.  The smart thing figured out the water bottle almost immediately.  Hearing parents, we eventually put it under the spruces close to the house in the west.  Adults were caring for it within half an hour.

Then this morning, she came home from the morning’s walk with Hawthorne with a plump naked baby bird.  Hawthorne had appeared out of the hedgerow with it in his mouth.  Fine, but wet.  And no clue where it belongs.  I think it may be a thrush.  She put it in a low Robin nest on the east side of the house.

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