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Angela’s Sourdough Sharing

4 Jun

Angela brought me a tablespoon or so of her sourdough culture two visits ago.  She taught me how to feed it with (home ground) flour and water.  The first rolls and loaves–and the most recent, sad to say–were sort of , shall we say, stocky.   But a couple loaves have been absolutely wonderful,including this one.  The bread is not very sour tasting, either.  Which is a bonus, as I do not like an overly sour taste. Ongoing experiments and research are required–yay!

It is empowering to think that, if necessity or desire warrant, my family can still have lovely bread without purchasing yeast. I am even confident I could “catch” yeast and begin my own sourdough if needed.  I know several of you have had this epiphany years ago.  Guess I was too busy doing other things to think about it.

Thank you Angela!

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