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Night Walk

5 Jun

Having just returned from one, I can recommend early morning walks in the darkness. The fireflies are out now, providing a festive, subdued blinking up in the trees. And along the night-full roads the glowworms, the not-yet-fireflies, are tiny powerful phosphorescent candellarias. The three which traveled home with me showed their lights right through the lower part of a leftover brown paper bag used for seed.

It is a shame that so many feel the need to not have dark nights so they have powerful lights up and on. In doing so they become like those lights, having bright eyes and yet unable to see any natural thing going on this time of day. There were an astonishing number of TV’s going, too.

It shows you how dense I am: it only occurred to me on this walk, hearing the bullfrogs roaring and booming away that Bilbo and Frodo’s relative Bullroarer Took was not named after the four legged mammal.

The locusts smell wonderfully strong in the warm night air. The June bugs are out. The one I picked up and put in my pocket escaped, another buzzed by me, but the squashed flat one came home with me.

The meds Miss E. brings me from Canada are starting to kick in on the migraine, so I am off to bed.

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