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9 Jun

For some reason I could not insert photos from the computer at the farm.  We were there for the family reunion and to see my brother and his family visiting from Tucson.  That is a poppy center.

We were so dry last Friday we watered some before leaving and anticipated full scale irrigation from the spring near by upon our return.  There was a rain storm before we arrived home this afternoon, though, which dropped .65″.  Thank you, Father! 

This next is Camassia, one of the many bulbs planted last fall.  They were lovely, but the heat did them in. It was over 90 degrees F Friday and Saturday, and is in the high 80’s now.  The newest pea leaves were actually burned brown by the heat and sun Saturday.

This next is a Tiarella  from up in the woods. The one I planted next to  a pine stump hear at the house are just coming into bloom.  All sorts of  poppies and peonies jumped out in the heat since we left.

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