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How ’bout that?

10 Jun

“The planet is the greenest it’s been in decades, perhaps in centuries.”

Go check out how the earth’s biosphere is blooming

The Two Jays with a Rose

10 Jun

Soba Salad Supper

10 Jun

It is about 95 degrees in the shade. So for supper we will have cold soba noodles and this broccoli salad.

It is three broccoli tops, half a Vidalia onion minced, three (homemade) pickled pepper pieces cut small, and Pecorino Sardo–a sheep’s milk cheese from Sardinia. The broccoli was tossed with about 1/4 cup home mixed Italian dressing; Good Seasons type.
I plan to heat up the remaining broth from the leg of lamb we had Wednesday and mix it with the boughten soba sauce to put on the soba, too. See Below.

We befriended a graduate student from Sardinia a long time ago. Sardinia, a small island in the Mediterranean, has many more sheep than people. The young man did research on sheep’s milk and the productivity of various sheep breeds. Jay helped him quite a bit with parts of his research. He fell in love with another graduate student who was from Brazil, doing work in fruit production. They were both attending graduate school on stipends from their respective countries and were expected to return and work there. We had them to dinner. What a conundrum for them both. They wanted to marry, but obligations stood in their way. And I do not know the end of the story. I thought of them when I saw this cheese; it is why I decided to buy it.


P.S. I had forgotten about the pound of small swiss chard and beet greens I picked in the morning.  A tablespoon of sesame oil, the last of fall’s garlic harvest sliced finely in the heated oil, the greens chopped up and then the lamb juice added and all cooked together and served in small bowls with the noodles. Wonderful!

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