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Going to the birds

11 Jun

After the wind and rain came through yesterday the girl found three infant birds on the ground–one dead, one dying, and one which she put in a sparrow’s nest with the young there since they were similar size and age.

She also found this:This youngster has been named Ripple.  We had Riffle last summer.  Ripple is a young Robin.  They are not particularly favored in this house since their tribe likes to eat blueberries.  But since no parent came to look for it, Isabelle will be caring for it until it can be let go on its own.  (We all know how that ends around here: it doesn’t.)

Anyway, Ripple likes worms and sausage bits for now.  This is him this morning after a few little sausage bits in the nest Isabelle made for it–in the shop:

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