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The Wild Strawberries

18 Jun

“She came thousands of miles to get me” she said, “she homeschools me and pays lots of money for lessons and drives me and feeds me and loves me.”

“And in return,” she giggles,  pulling out her hand from behind her back, “I picked her handful of strawberries. So now we are even.”

The girl likes the poem The Lanyard by Billy Collins.

Earlier today, she offered two pennies, then twelve cents, found money.  What a silly.

Ripple again

18 Jun

Monday Ripple took off and flew into a spruce.  Isabelle got him down.  Then he flew up again and spent the night outside.  He did fly down to her in the morning and throughout the day to be fed.  It was cold and threatening rain, so she left in his pen last night, inside.  Out again this morning.

He chirps to us from the tree he is in.  An when he is hungry and Isabelle goes to  talk to him, he flies down to be fed.

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