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Road Trip

20 Jun

Angela and I took a road trip today in her new car–all day–to Glenbrook Farm to buy some hosta plants.  On the way home Angela had an inspiration at just the right time for us to stop at Dinosaur Barbque and bring a late supper home.  Some of the special things we saw today–not including the hostas and other lovely shrubs:

  • the chipmunk who paused under the car just long enough not to get run over: natural selection at work.
  • the turkey vulture convention in the middle of a country road
  • the crushed green glass used as gravel in the parking lot of the business that makes it out in the country
  • the small deli/country store we ate lunch in.  They carried everything a camper could want from toothbrushes and camp wood to used books and dish soap.  Fresh chicken salad, but not liverwurst.  And a buck contest in the fall.
  • The special woman who runs Glenbrook, Viktoria, who is a plant lover and has interesting tales to tell.

I am sure there are more.  Angela will remember.  The new hostas are plunked in the ground and I will go to bed.

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