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Busy Day

21 Jun

More from yesterday: the wind turbines in Madison, the dead porcupine on the side of the road.

Isabelle and I met Mom at Sauder’s and got My niece Janine and lots of strawberries.  We bought some worms  on the way home for Ripple, who slept with Bouncer bunny last night and flew out of the pen ASAP this morning.  He flew down for worm lunch.

And soaked cat food, of course.

After lunch, the girls and I gave Hawthorne his first bath since he arrived.  The hose running from the spring is in the sun so the water is quite warm until what had been in the hose all morning runs out.  He is nice and fluffy now.  Dinosaur Barbque pork bones were a very effective incentive for him to stay until the job was finished.

Tonight is fishing, a solstice party invite, gardening.

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