Teaching Ripple Robin

25 Jun

Ripple, we are convinced, is female.  She daily looks more like a young lady robin.  She sleeps and lives out on her own now.  Isabelle drenched her with water on the sidewalk a couple days ago when the sun was full out.  She seemed to enjoy her bath very much.

She likes small strawberry pieces.

She still calls to us from her perches when she is hungry and flies down to be fed.  She flies quite well and can go as high up into the spruces as she wishes.

Tonight another unusual experience added: a young fledgling robin flying down into the garden to be helped, “tutored” in finding insects and worms as we were weeding.  Jay and I did our best, digging in the mulch and even turning over an old straw bale where she pulled a couple small worms on her own and found several small insects: pillbugs, ant larvae among them.

2 Responses to “Teaching Ripple Robin”

  1. origamifreak 25 June 2008 at 10:00 PM #

    She’s certainly a friendly, sociable bird. I am impressed thay Isabelle can call her down from the tree, and that she’s willing to perch on a strange finger. Glad to hear that she’s getting the hang of pulling worms.

    How long before you guys have all the local wildlife trained to help you keep house, like Snow White? 😉

  2. origamifreak 25 June 2008 at 10:07 PM #

    P.S. Here are instructions for turning off the automatically generated “possibly related posts”

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