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Bathroom Update

5 Aug

As I type, there are sounds of destruction coming from the bathroom.  It has gone on all morning.  D is here to install a new tub and shower.  White!  We have lived here over 22 years with beige fixtures in the bathroom.  I have never liked them.  Ever.  But have been thankful for having a bathroom.  And now I am very thankful we will have white ones.

Summer Squirrel Kittens

5 Aug

Update on Banner and her latest brood. There are five. She eats enough to feed them: homemade bread, nuts, seeds from green pine cones, berries, the husks cicadas shed when they crawl out of the ground.  They are quite large. We thought, until late last week, that she had just had them. But these babies are at least four weeks old.

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