This Week

13 Aug

The bathroom replacement is in gear.  We have been showering at family and friends’ homes; last night we could take a bath in the new tub; the new faucet is not what we had expected, but we can get used to it. Today the fan went in.  Also Dave and I ripped out the medicine cabinet so it can be moved over less than an inch.  That way it will line up with the (old) vanity and new counter which are also being moved over to the right less than an inch; the walls in our over 150 year-old home are not square and we are hoping to get rid of a gap between the front and back of the new counter where it meets the wall.

Then there is the running around to get what is needed.  Today it was two feet of vinyl and wire dryer duct; $.50/ft. at HEPs. Shopping for new towel racks, etc.  And the sweeping, rolling and unrolling of rugs, dusting, etc. associated with renovation work.

A local Marmoleum installer came. And the counter top company returned my call.  We had another idea on how to fix the gap, but opted for the one above.

The tomatoes are getting ripe.  I think I will be able to can some the end of this week.  Hope to do that before our weekend guest arrives.  And before the wedding she is arriving to attend.  That we are also attending.  It is her granddaughter who is getting married.  Isabelle needs a dress for that also.

Hawthorne wants his daily dose of attention.  So do the kids.  And the wash.  The meals.  Pulling weeds.

You get the picture.

In the morning before I get up and at night before I turn out the light I am re-reading one of my favorite true adventure tales: In Trouble Again by Redmond O’Hanlon.  It recounts his journey up the Orinoco and other rivers in Venezuela during the rainy season in the Amazon culminating with an encounter with the Yanomamo, the famed “fierce people”.  Lots of Brit humour.

Also finished watching the first season of Jericho.  Huh.  I thought there was only one season, but it seems there are two. Ah, it just came out. Jay will be pleased.  He was incredulous that the series ended as it did.

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