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My Kind of Girl

30 Aug

Check out Mark Steyn’s comments on Sarah Palin in the National Review.

How We Get Tomatoes

30 Aug

Camera Tales

30 Aug

When we were married we bought as a present to ourselves a good Nikon single-lens-reflex camera.  Not that I knew that term until the middle of last year.  What I knew is I could effectively control what the final photo would look like.  We took multiple hundreds of pictures on that camera. Beautiful photos.  After we learned how to correctly load and unload the camera.  That was on our honeymoon to the Pacific Northwest, where we exposed a roll of film with pictures on it trying to take it out correctly.

It was well used.  It went through life with us. It got old, it had a crack in the housing that duct tape would sometime prevent light from seeping in, and sometimes not.  Digital cameras came along. Two years ago Mr. Monte gave me one of his older Kodak digitals.  All of a sudden I could edit photos immediately!  I could post them online! Angela told and taught me about Gimp and Adobe Photoshop Album Starter.  Both are free, and though I use them all the time I am sure I use only a minute fraction of their tools.  But–the Kodak digital did not allow me the control of light and distance to take the kind of photos I was used to taking with my old Nikon SLR.  It was restricting, annoying, maddening.

Then Angela told me of digital SLR cameras.  She finally convinced me that one would actually take photos as good as my old Nikon.  Seeing the beauty of pics she put on her blog convinced me.

Last Christmas my (very large) present was a Nikon D40 digital SLR camera, which has been a joy and delight to learn to use.  It came with two lenses!  I bought some more magnifying lenses with Christmas money and have been happily taking flower and insect pictures ever since.  As you may have noticed.

But then, this week the boots I was wearing slipped on the wet morning grass of a short steep slope near the house and I fell on my back, camera in hand.  Something did not sound right afterwards (in the camera).  And then the lens stopped moving except for a fraction of its range.  I removed it from the camera body and a plastic part fell off.  Oh, sadness and gnashing of teeth!

It has been sent to the Nikon camera hospital.  I am in picture taking withdrawal.  I am trying to use the other lens, sometimes.

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