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24 Aug

To the squash casserole: If using store bought mayonnaise, add about 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to the mixture before cooking.  Lemon really helps the flavor sparkle.

And in Food in our Neck of the Lakes, I added a photo of Banner clutching the corn cob.

Food in Our Neck of the Lakes

23 Aug

Made the NY Times: See Finger (Lakes) Food.

We had some people from church over for ice cream last night. Five kinds of ice cream: double vanilla, caramel swirl, mint chocolate chip, espresso chip and spumoni. And homemade chocolate sauce using Sora’s recipe and De Zann imported dutch cocoa powder, unsweetened (20-22% fat). I buy it from Ludgates, which was not in the article but could certainly be. Mike and Jay had dueling farm stands when they were in high school. Mike won.

Banner made an appearance for the visitors in order to get the last bit of sweet corn off a cob saved for her for the occasion. Jay had taken it away from her earlier in the evening and gotten bit for his trouble; Isabelle and I had egged him on, telling him she would not mind him taking her prize away. Oops. We were wrong.

Sora’s Chocolate Sauce

You have made no-bake chocolate cookies, right? This recipe is similar, only no peanut butter and no oatmeal.

3Tbsp. butter

1/3-1/2 cup cocoa powder; the higher quality the better

1/3 cup boiling water

1/2 cup sugar ( I have cut the sugar in half from the original recipe.)

2+tbsp corn syrup

Melt butter and stir cocoa powder in. Add hot water and stir until smooth. Add sugar and corn syrup. Bring to boil and cook 3-5 minutes. The recipe says “without stirring” but I seem to be constitutionally unable to follow that part. No matter. It comes out wonderfully.

Nursing Mother

22 Aug

Banner comes at least twice a day for her bread and nuts.  She also helps herself to dropped, dried blueberries (mostly).  Jay saw her chewing on the inner part of some sweet corn stem.  Maybe it was sweet?  And I think it was noted that she has been seen chewing on cicada husks.  And the deer antler left for her by the rabbit pen. of course.  Minerals, especially calcium, are important for nursing mothers.

All Dressed Up

21 Aug

Isaac asked that we have photos taken when we came home after attending a wedding Sunday since we were all dressed up.  Banner decided she wanted in, or at least on,  in a few also. Isabelle is such a poser.  She had to stand up straight in her borrowed dress!

Squash Casserole

20 Aug

The original recipe came from my Aunt Adaline. It called for zucchini, which we do not grow, being partial to yellow summer squash, specifically, Seneca Prolific. And, like all recipes, it morphs and changes depending on what is in the garden and the fridge. Basil is a nice addition. So are Italian bread crumbs on top, or stale bread crumbs, or leftover tortilla chip bits. You get the idea. And many a cheese will taste wonderfully. The original recipe called for Parmesan and historically I have used Romano, but this summer I have been using extra sharp cheddar and whatever is less expensive and making up for flavor by including homemade garlic mayo. That has lots of lemon juice in it as well as lots of garlic.

The new (last year) microwave has made the whole process of making the casserole much easier. I cook the squash in it on the ‘fresh vegetable’ setting and then cook the casserole on the ‘omelet’ setting. Great for hot days when that oven is not going to be turned on.

8 cups diced summer squash or zucchini, or a mix

1/2-1 cup finely diced onion–fresh from the garden is best

1 green pepper, or not, as you feel like

2 large or extra large eggs

1/2 – 3/4 cup mayo Hellmann’s is best after homemade garlic

2/3-1 cup shredded cheese: Parmesan, Romano, Cheddar, an Italian mix, a Mexican mix–whatever

Addendum: if using boughten mayonnaise, add one tablespoon lemon juice to the mixture.  Will make all the flavors stand out and sparkle.

maybe extra salt if you think it needs some

same for pepper

remember you can add basil or other herbs, finely sliced or chopped

Microwave the squash until soft. drain. Stir in the eggs, mayo, cheese, and anything else you wish. Top with crumbs if desired. Microwave on ‘omelet’ setting or medium to med-low until set.


20 Aug

Woodchuck-Airedale Interaction Report

19 Aug

While taking tomatoes to the neighbors, Jay spied a woodchuck up behind the house, so he snuck back home, got Hawthorne on a leash and with Isabelle snuck back up to the chuck’s area.  Hawthorne never saw the woodchuck until it was 5 feet from its hole. He grabbed it in the middle, then let go.

The woodchuck made for its hole.  H. pulled it out of the hole.  Then let go.  Repeat.  Woodchuck got far enough into the hole to not be pulled out.

The end.

Jay reports Hawthorne always grabbed the chuck gingerly, as if it were a toy. The woodchuck did not fight back, either.  That will be a surprise for next time.

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