The Zoo

18 Sep

Three of us went to the zoo today. We saw the male lion roar and beat on another lion; the tiger lying on the grass made large cat vocalizations; leopards of different spots; a jaguar and a small wild hunting cat;   the rhino chomping poor hay; the polar bear swimming; some monkeys listless and with their backs to the public; one other monkey swinging from ropes who took the time to stop , aim and pee at the public; kangaroos dusting with two adult rabbits in their pen; three baby bunnies were in the hostas outside and Isabelle thought she might be able to bring one home, but that didn’t work out; one member of our party took a train ride; that same person also lay on the grass and tried out various tiger sleeping positions; flamingos preening; some unassuming deer and cattle; two beautiful, grand giraffes eating hay put high up for them to reach; several schools of fish in large tanks that came up from ground level to a height of four feet.  We had a grand time.

There was no red panda in his pen, but on a board outside was a photo of a red panda and a photo of a raccoon.  Someone wanted to visit a raccoon.  We kept an eye out for a zoo keeper to ask if the zoo had a raccoon, and if so, where was it located. But alas, when we found a keeper, she informed us they had no raccoons.  So I told Someone he would have to come visit us and I would trap one for him.  Which led to a discussion of what a trap is and why the raccoon could not get out of it.  Among other things.

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