Back on My Feet

1 Oct

The train arrived home six hours late a week ago Monday.  I then caught the nasty cold the girl caught from Uberimma’s son # 2 and felt like a steer who had been hit in the head with a hammer all the rest of the week.  My mother came to visit–yay!–and stayed two nights while she attended a reunion event during the day.  She brought lots peaches.  Eight friends whom we have not seen for ever so long also came for supper one night while Mom was here, and then to stay after she left. Lots and lots of cooking.  We are so happy to have them here!  Oh, and I worked a short part-time job last week also at a friends’ request.  It was very icky work packing up an incredibly overstuffed, filthy apartment for a man who is quite ill.  She is helping take care of him, though I doubt he sees it that way.

Now that job is done, the cold is mostly vanquished.  Still no hard frost so I am using lots out of the garden to cook very large suppers.  Just need more sleep.

One Response to “Back on My Feet”

  1. abby at 12:08 PM #

    Need more sleep? Yeah, me too.

    We’ve been letting Noam have the bedroom to himself and repairing to the guest room at night. We’ve all been sleeping much better. New pack and play, so that we can move him when we go to bed instead of relocating ourselves, should be in the mail already.

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