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Six Months, or, He’s clean and shorn and I am wet and hairy

9 Oct

Hawthorne has been with us six months today!  A big Happy Birthday also to Petra, who is 18 years old today!

On Monday Hawthorne looked like this:

Monday he caught lots of Sungold cherry tomatoes which the kids were picking before the frost.  He aslo ate quite a few grapes.  He was pretty greasy, which the kids kept repeating frequently.  ” I have to wash my hands after I pet him.”  We were waiting for a nice sunny day.

Today, with lots of helpers, Stumpwiggle got a bath. Temperature is in the low 70’s.  Here he is after his bath:

I was also soaked.  While I changed, he ran around for quite awhile to dry off, then K and I spent a long time clipping him.  He was a very good boy while he had a chewee to keep him occupied. Although he wondered where all that hair went.

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