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Yarn again

10 Oct

Found the note I made about this wonderful yarn Uberimma had.  It is Kauni Effektgarn, out of Estonia.  Have been looking at things on Ravelry people have made with it.  The word is it is not soft and has long stretches of one color before changing.  I like the rainbow and blue-greens best.

Somewhere in the Gobi Desert

10 Oct

More specifically, at about 45.25N, 104.83E, friend H. will be working for a few weeks at a feeding station for children.  Now it is about 6PM and in the 50’s here and 5AM and 34 degrees there.  No wind either place. She will be taking I. with her as she has gotten permission from the Mongolian government to be his foster parent.

There are about 84 persons in this area of the semi-arid steppe.  Most of them are younger than me.

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