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Wildlife Woes

11 Oct

J and I took Hawthorne for a walk later than usual this morning–about 8.45AM.  Stumpwiggle started a rabbit in the hedgerow part way back to the woods, but only caught its scent.   Then Hawthorne saw two large turkeys by the woods edge before we did and was off in hot pursuit.  He chased one across the alfalfa field until it flew up into the trees by the ravine.  J and I had been talking about lots of things; one of which was the honking coming from the harvested corn field on the other side of the hedgerow.

A small flock of Canada geese took off and flew overhead.  Then a about 8 went over. Since J likes the game Oregon Trail , we pretended to shoot them.  Then a dozen took off and we practiced aiming at them.  Then about twenty.  Now, last night I had told my husband there were no geese landing in that field anymore when he wondered if he should go up and hunt in the morning.  There had been none the last few days.  But this was a lovely sunny, clear, still morning.  And Jay was coaching a soccer game so the geese were safe.

Convinced all the geese had flown, J, Hawthorne and I crossed over into the corn field to continue our walk.  As we came up the first rise, Hawthorne took off ahead of us.  I looked ahead and there was a large flock of wild turkeys!  Fourteen took flight into the woods.  I have not ever seen that many back there.  Poor Jay.  It is also turkey season.   Calling Hawthorne back, we turned around to go share the sad news when about 75 more geese took off from the other side of the field, completing our rout of all the wild game available for huntint in the near vicinity.

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