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So Much for That Idea

14 Oct

N. came in while I was at the computer.  He is much taller than I am,  the lights were on and he is not one to pull punches so he informed me there were quite a proliferation of webbage in the library.  I was aware of this.

Since he was concerned, and tall, and presently unoccupied, I told him where to find the long yarn dusting wand thing.  He came back and while he was working at demolishing the webbage, we decided we could market the room as a real scary Hallowe’en experience.  Except by the time we got the details down, the main draw was gone.

Skunks, Anyone?

14 Oct

While I am on the subject of trapping, I may as well inform you about the skunk job I had recently.  One morning this older gentleman called, and after ensuring I was indeed a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator for the State Department of Environmental Conservation (the capital letters make it seem so much more impressive, don’t you think?), he informed me that he would pay whatever it cost to have me come trap whatever it was which was digging up his front lawn.  He had had enough.  This could not go on.

Well, skunks like to dig for grubs in the lawn this time of year.  Even if you have paid some lawn guy to come spread grub control stuff.  The skunks know if the grubs are there, control stuff or no.

So we went.  K. wanted to go with me.  Really.  She says she likes the smell of skunks.  We set three traps.  The two set on the lawn were placed on plywood so if a skunk was trapped it would not totally ruin the monoculture of green expanse by digging furiously through the bottom holes during the rest of the night to gt out.

The owner wanted to know if I thought the areas covered with little holes could possibly be the work of only one skunk.  I thought if I was a skunk, had all night and was hungry, yes, I could easily dig that much.  But I did not say that.  So we trapped four nights and caught a total of three skunks.

The last skunk was a reverse skunk.  It was white with a black stripe.

And no, we did not get sprayed.  I am a professional, after all.  All three were re-located and released.

How to be Popular

14 Oct

Yesterday morning bright and early, Audrey called.  It was a phone call in which she pleaded with me to come visit her right away.  Lest you assume I am such a charming witty person that friends call me before breakfast just to beg for my company, I will let you in on a secret: it was not a social call.

She had a bat flying in her very high-ceilinged living room.  She had come downstairs from bed to see it crawling on her fireplace screen.   Her voice was admirabley under control when I spoke to her.

So I called my husband for a supply list of necessary bat-removing items: net, heavy gloves, hooded sweatshirt, wide-mouthed quart canning jar with lid.  I also took K.  She wanted to come.  Really.

Audrey’s husband was on the scene when we arrived.  He had taped the fireplace over with a piece of black plastic.  Audrey was out the door, leaving.  She said it was an appointment.

K and I examined the fireplace by removing only part of the plastic.  I could hear the bat.  And then I could see the bat.  After lots of trial and error and discussion on our part, in the end the bat made it easy.  It fell between the fireplace and the metal flange enclosing the fireplace, crawled through the gas line hole and out a half-inch space in the front.  I met it with the open glass jar.

The bat was really active and quite small. We took it home to show the children.  It was eventually released and crawled away.  Perhaps it was confused?

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