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30 Oct

We made some chocolate cookies today.

Here are a couple to be baked tomorrow.  This owl looks much more impressive in person.

And here is the only turkey that we have ‘caught’ so far this fall.


30 Oct

Several young things like to go about in the snow barefoot.  At least for photos.

The one in boots lives here.  The others are visiting from colder climes.

A Bit of Snow

30 Oct

Two weeks ago, on a Friday night, we had our first killing frost.  The next morning the woods up back were dropping their leaves in bright showers.  The alfalfa and meadow fields were white with frost. The sun was shining.  The sky was clear.  The moon was still up.

Yesterday morning, by contrast, we woke to dark gray skies, and snow on the ground.  As I walked across the cornfield it looked like there was a row of birches where there should be oaks, maples, hickorys.  The trees had cast off their old clothes, good-bye, and the snow had wrapped them in a mantle of white.  Like birches.

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