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Dog’s Best Friend

11 Nov

A quiz.  Is ith-and-sour-cream


Or friends?


A Visit From Angela

11 Nov

Just home from Europe and recovered from illness, she came to us!

We played a couple games.  But she would not play chess with Isabelle.

We revisited her trip to Italy.  Lots of curvy roads.

She played violin with Isabelle, then I played piano with same; meanwhile Angela deleted the one photo I had of the two of them.  Hmph.  She replaced it with photos indicating our playing speed on Veracini’s Gigue from Suzuki Book Five.



We had a couple meals: black beans with black bean rice and quiche with a rice crust served with potatoes and brussels sprouts.  Some of you might recognize some of those foods…

She took photos of the doubleknit scarf in the works.  For another post.

She fended off Hawthorne and the girl and drove off into the night.

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