Here There Be Fibers

12 Nov

I do not crochet.  But the girl does, and recent guests did.  Quite a lot and quite imaginatively.  A sampling:



Mittens, hat, scarf and purse.  The purse was started at

your house, Uberimma!

I, meanwhile, finished two scarves.


Then, thanks to a heads up by the same Uberimma, I bought two bags of Noro Kureyon. On sale.  If you do not know of it, then spare yourself and do not look at it.  I am both a spinner and dyer and still could not resist the single strand multicolor change yarn.

And then there is Ravelry.  Stop now if you have no moments to spare.  It is a great way to find lots of ideas and patterns and lose time that could be spent elsewhere.  Since I had ordered the Kureyon, I spent time looking ate lovely objects knitted with it and found a Finnish doubleknit scarf I really liked.  Kaisa, a friend from Finland, came over and interpreted it for us one day.

So I started right away on yarns I had, then dyed some more with the two youngest boys who were very interested in all things fiber related.  Including silk from milkweed pods.

honkaAngela took the photo last night.

There is more, but must run books to the library.

2 Responses to “Here There Be Fibers”

  1. origamifreak 12 November 2008 at 10:57 PM #

    Hey, yesterday you said the double knit scarf was Finnish! Tomorrow will it be Danish? 😉

    Whatever its nationality, I love the design.

  2. jpm14 13 November 2008 at 9:42 AM #

    Oops. Posting too late for my mind again. Yes. I think it is indeed Finnish.
    Will change that.

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