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17 Nov

Across the road from thie girl’s violin instructor’s home is a row of shrubs covered with knobby ovoid fruit.  Flowering quince fruit.  Ornamental species, but Palmer’s indicates the fruit is edible.  We had a couple in a venison stew while our friends were here.  I brought the ones I harvested afterwards inside last night since they were not ripening on the porch and put a few of the ripest into last night’s venison stew.

When unripe there is not much more pucker inducing than a quince. But when ripe quince smell like citrusy juicyfruit gum.  And are marvelous cooked with meat.  They contain loads of pectin so if you make jam none is added.

My folks had a quince tree for years.  That tree produced quince several time the size of the ornamental species.  Lots more flesh.  They were wonderful.


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