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Doe, a deer

20 Nov



News Flash!

20 Nov

While I was answering the post below, Jay came in from hunting and announced success!

He shot a doe from the stand straight back from the house in the woods.  Four came.  He, Isabelle and Hawthorne have gone to drag it home.

Angela’s Answers

20 Nov
  1. Four places I frequently go: walks up back, violin lessons, church, grocery shopping
  2. Four people who email me (regularly): Jeni, Lydia, Isaac, Kim  (I chose actual people, not businesses)
  3. Four of my favorite places to eat: my house, Thai Express, in the garden, on the lawn
  4. Four places I would rather be right now: reading in bed, with Jeni in Austin, with Kiny on her way, with Hannah in the Gobi desert
  5. <s>Four<s/> people I think will respond: Jeni, Kirsty,
  6. Four TV shows I like to watch: Firefly, MASH, The Twilight Zone, Jerico
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