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Tunt skivat gravad hjort: Carpaccio of Cured Venison, Part 1

26 Nov

The Food and Cooking of Sweden by Anna Mosesson has provided me with the recipes and ideas for curing salmon into gravlax, and now in process, curing venison.   It is a wonderful book to look at, and I have realized we eat sort of “Scandinavianish” this time of year.  Meat, potatoes, greens.

So this is how to cure a hind leg muscle from a deer:

Prepare your cure: equal parts salt and sugar, some freshly ground pepper, fresh thyme (the deer are stealing it from the garden now anyway).


Prepare the muscle by removing the fell, connective tissue, etc.  There is always somebody around here who wants to help with this job.


On aluminum foil, put down a layer of cure and spice, the meat, and then use the rest of the cure to cover the meat.  Enclose meat in the foil and place in a nonreactive container in the fridge or cold porch.  Mine went into a glass casserole dish.  Quite a bit of liquid will be pulled from the meat over the next two days.

Turn it over every 12 hours if you remember.


From the Earth to The Moon with Robin Hood

26 Nov

Angela lent us her copy of From the Earth To The Moon, Tom Hank’s wonderful depiction of the start of the space program.  Each new episode the main theme plays with stirring trumpets and strings.  And each time, I keep thinking: I know this music , I have heard it before, many times, elsewhere.

I knew where, too, but had not yet tracked my old disc of the theme music from 1991’s Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves down. That was the movie in which Alan Rickman was the evil Sheriff, Morgan Freeman a great Arab Azeem, Double 007 came in at the end as king, and Kevin Costner once again played himself.  Lo and behold: Michael Kamen wrote the music for that movie.  And Michael Kamen is the writer of the theme for From The Earth to The Moon.

Ah, recycling is a wonderful thing.  Especially with good music.  Kamen has tweaked the theme in the intervening 17 years–all to the better.

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