The Horse Came in Handy

8 Dec

Saturday, while I was downtown doing errands waiting for Isaac to finish retaking two SAT exams, Jay was out in the cold hunting.  When he gave up he decided to take Isabelle down to ride Cherry.

As she was saddling the horse up, Jay glanced out the shed window and saw two deer out in the field where Isabelle would be riding.

So he walked back to the house for his truck,  gun and the walkie-talkies.  Then he snuck down south into A’s property , where we have permission to hunt, into the woods and around the deer to the southwest.

He then told Isabelle to ride Cherry out into the field, keeping to the north edge, and try to push the deer towards him.

She did so and discovered the entire back of the field was filled with deer; 12-15 of them.  The deer fanned out and ran in the general direction of Jay’s hiding place.

He saw them coming, and when they got near started yelling, trying to get the nearest ones to stop, to no avail.  Finally he took a running shot at a nice doe.

They used Cherry to drag the carcass to the truck.

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