A Very Busy Merry Christmas

26 Dec

As this is being written, the parental computer is undergoing its a few times a year defragmenting when I am at the farm.  Hawthorne has diarrhea.  My father just fell and his shoulder hurts. My mother is worrying and getting ice for the shoulder.  Jay has been working outside, Isabelle has been sledding on the ice.  The son is home with the cat and rabbit because he has to go to work.

We packed up and brought all manner of things and food with us this morning. Christmas eve Isabelle played, with my accompaniment, Veracini’s Gigue (Suzuki Book 5) very nicely–without tightening her bow.  Her father wondered why her sound was not as loud as usual.  I was wondering what happened to her dynamics.  Then we went ot Tia La-La’s and had a grand time.

Christmas morning Jay and I took Hawthorne for a nice long walk and then gave him a deer neck to chew on for only about 40 minutes.  That was a mistake.  See above.

We had waffles made on a new waffle maker, a pomegranite, fizzy grape juice, thawed strawberries and chocolate truffles for breakfast.  We opened gifts.  I made cookies, wrapped more presents, made salald dressing, made salad, called relatives and was ready to go back to bed just in time to leave for L-L’s house once more.  We had more food with a more inclusive set of relatives, played games with young’uns and I started another hat (more on that later).

Then we went home to walk H. restock presents to take and went to visit friends up the road.  Where I had real suet pudding, which I nuked in order not to see the small flecks of white suet.  It was wonderful warm.

This morning: bread making, more present preparing, packing, laundry and a drive.

And here we are.  Ready to have Christmas celebrations with yet another part of family.  Wahoo!

One Response to “A Very Busy Merry Christmas”

  1. Elisabeth Terry 27 November 2016 at 2:11 PM #

    A number of years ago, you posted a recipe for plum pudding where, if I remember correctly, you chopped and mixed the dried fruit with the liqueurs several days before mixing the rest of the ingredients. I was wanting to make it again this year, but cannot find that particular recipe anywhere. Do you still have it? Do you have any idea what recipe I am talking about? If so, would you mind reposting it or sending it to me? Thank you so much for your trouble.

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