Winter Watching

29 Jan

Up back the snow is knee deep or over in places that have not been walked daily.  There are two crunchy layers one’s feet go through each step.  A walk off the daily route took 45 minutes.  Hawthorne followed my trail a lot of the time instead of romping off on his own.  The snow depth and layers today ensured he came home nice and tired.  Last night another three or so inches were added to the day’s 4+.

Many nights now we watch a segment from one of the David Attenborough series.  We loved The Life of Birds.  We make fun of  silly Darwinian comments like “The birds plan their young to coincide with the fish spawn” or “With uncanny foresight storks lay three eggs  since they know only one chick will survive” which seem to indicate animals are better planners than most people, among other things. Adaptation and selection are believable, but family planning?


We also enjoyed The Life of Mammals and are now just starting The Blue Planet, the first episode of which was superb.

We like the local library.  A lot.

One Response to “Winter Watching”

  1. origamifreak 11 February 2009 at 12:44 PM #

    Somehow I missed that one. Rest assured that those comments are NOT Darwininan in any concievable way. He never asserted that survival or fitness had to do with foresight.

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