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Scarf Girls

26 Feb


From the left: Aunt Jan with the doubleknit scarf made from handspun and hand-dyed Lamb O’Lakes yarns , Mom with her Lamb O’Lakes knit lace scarf turned into a mobius strip and Isabelle with her own crocheted creation.

College Financial Questionnaires

26 Feb

Whew.  I think between us, Jay and I have successfully filled out the vast majority of voluminous online intrusive forms for the universities Isaac has applied to attend.

And paid for the privilege.

The last one, which took Jay numerous lunch hours and evenings to wade through online, made him go back and asked him to reconsider carefully the answers he had given to a few questions.

Apparently it is suprising for people like us to own their own homes outright.

Most Original: Golden Pheasant Chili

26 Feb

Behold Jay’s newest trophy:


This year’s is for “Most Original” in the 7th Annual Big Boyce Chili Challenge.

Here is a quick recipe summary for you to try at home:

Saute three large crushed garlic cloves and one large onion, chopped, in oil.  Add one cooked, cubed pheasant breast, one quart of home canned Sungold tomatoes, a package of home-grown frozen red peppers, a can of white beans, about 2/3 of a pound Velveeta, pepper, and some ancho chile powder.

The resulting chili is golden yellow in color with the white beans and pheasant chunks.

Present to the public in a crockpot with another jar of Sungolds standing beside it.

Jay said there were several requests from foreign students asking where they could buy the canned  Sungold tomatoes.  He said they had a hard time understanding they would not be able to find them in any store we are aware of.

There were 25 different chilis entered in the competition.  Brian, who works with Jay, won “Hottest”.  Jay was told on the side that he and Brian each had the most votes and both could have won “Best Overall” except that didn’t seem fitting.

There are two other trophies somewhere around here.  I think they follow the ‘most original’ theme.

Mama and Hawthorne

17 Feb


Bunny Hugger

17 Feb

By request.  Bouncer and friend.


Breakfast Rice Disaster

17 Feb

I was up early , and alone, and thought I would make a nice breakfast for the family while doing other things.  So into the rice cooker went 3 cups whole milk, two cups Jasmine scented Thai rice (three elephant brand–the best), a cup dried cherries, 1/2-2/3 cup sugar–a mix of leftover brown and some white, and a can of evaporated milk.

Then I put in some laundry, started finishing up the taxes, making notes for my mother for her Herb Society meeting on ‘herbs to use in soaps’, fed the Fala.  You get the picture.

I was in the middle of retrieving the Schedule forms for the 1040 return when Jay arrived in the office and said “Uh, there is something in the kitchen that needs your attention right now“.  And we all know where this is headed, right?

Enter the kitchen: a pool of sweetened evaporated milk is on the floor, running from the  now unplugged rice cooker to counter and the silver drawer underneath.  The silver drawer, when it is removed and moved, proves to harbor a significant amount of sweetened milk which is then distributed in an arc across new, previously untouched areas of the kitchen floor.

Hawthorne and Pounce were very willing to help clean up.  I sent Jay away.  He went willingly, as fast as he was able.  Blech.

It was a good idea.  But I recommend using a heavy saucepan on a burner turned to low.  The  rice tastes wonderful, but needs a bit of milk, for some reason…

Hawthorne Stumpwiggle Update

16 Feb

Hawthorne has been with us nine months.  He is a different dog than came to us; calmer, happier, healthier.  He is a trickster but he wants, most of the time, to do his best and what he knows is right and required for obedience.  He does not mind not being top dog, most of the time. He loves to run.  He loves to play. He loves being part of a family or pack of kids.  He loves being loved.

Last night after 5PM I took him out for a short walk up back.  He stopped to check out the old woodchuck holes where the foxes or coyotes had visited a couple nights before–their smell fascinates him.  I kept on walking up the laneway.  Eventually I heard him coming but to my surprise he zipped right by me and headed up the hill.  I lifted my head to see what was up: eleven deer silhouetted on the ridgeline, tails up, running to the west.   He chased them for just a half minute, then came at my call for a little cheese.  He is a cheese hound, and the only time he gets it is on walks or after we come home, in his food.

We continued our long oval trek.  He ran down ahead of me and went west, outside the fence surrounding the blueberries, head down, seemingly like he was going to ignore my call to come.  That way lies the road and trouble.  So I squeaked a little rodent-in-distress noise.  He turned and ran back, past me, to the bird feeders, found a big hunk of suet and ran east around his pen.  Oh no, not suet.  He ran in his pen and eventually (with help) dropped the chunk in exchange for cheese.   Then into the house.

At 2AM he woke me with his frantic scratch/hits on the downstairs door between the dining room and living room.  I knew then that he must have eaten some of that suet.  I ran down, put on some pants, a sweater, a jacket, boots, his lead line and he pulled me out to poop.  Uff.  Diarrhea.

But no mess in the house.

Repeat at 5AM.

Can you tell he does not do well with pure fat?

hawfeb09But he loves his chewies.  And he loves to help clean pans, taste whatever is cooking, share whatever you are eating.

Oh, and he has the most wonderful groan; imagine a dog trying to purr, when he is sleepy and you love him up.

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