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Mama and Hawthorne

17 Feb


Bunny Hugger

17 Feb

By request.  Bouncer and friend.


Breakfast Rice Disaster

17 Feb

I was up early , and alone, and thought I would make a nice breakfast for the family while doing other things.  So into the rice cooker went 3 cups whole milk, two cups Jasmine scented Thai rice (three elephant brand–the best), a cup dried cherries, 1/2-2/3 cup sugar–a mix of leftover brown and some white, and a can of evaporated milk.

Then I put in some laundry, started finishing up the taxes, making notes for my mother for her Herb Society meeting on ‘herbs to use in soaps’, fed the Fala.  You get the picture.

I was in the middle of retrieving the Schedule forms for the 1040 return when Jay arrived in the office and said “Uh, there is something in the kitchen that needs your attention right now“.  And we all know where this is headed, right?

Enter the kitchen: a pool of sweetened evaporated milk is on the floor, running from the  now unplugged rice cooker to counter and the silver drawer underneath.  The silver drawer, when it is removed and moved, proves to harbor a significant amount of sweetened milk which is then distributed in an arc across new, previously untouched areas of the kitchen floor.

Hawthorne and Pounce were very willing to help clean up.  I sent Jay away.  He went willingly, as fast as he was able.  Blech.

It was a good idea.  But I recommend using a heavy saucepan on a burner turned to low.  The  rice tastes wonderful, but needs a bit of milk, for some reason…

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