Most Original: Golden Pheasant Chili

26 Feb

Behold Jay’s newest trophy:


This year’s is for “Most Original” in the 7th Annual Big Boyce Chili Challenge.

Here is a quick recipe summary for you to try at home:

Saute three large crushed garlic cloves and one large onion, chopped, in oil.  Add one cooked, cubed pheasant breast, one quart of home canned Sungold tomatoes, a package of home-grown frozen red peppers, a can of white beans, about 2/3 of a pound Velveeta, pepper, and some ancho chile powder.

The resulting chili is golden yellow in color with the white beans and pheasant chunks.

Present to the public in a crockpot with another jar of Sungolds standing beside it.

Jay said there were several requests from foreign students asking where they could buy the canned  Sungold tomatoes.  He said they had a hard time understanding they would not be able to find them in any store we are aware of.

There were 25 different chilis entered in the competition.  Brian, who works with Jay, won “Hottest”.  Jay was told on the side that he and Brian each had the most votes and both could have won “Best Overall” except that didn’t seem fitting.

There are two other trophies somewhere around here.  I think they follow the ‘most original’ theme.

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