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Dandelion Fire

4 Mar

Dandelion Fire is the second book  after The 100 Cupboards in a proposed trilogy by ND Wilson. It is even better than 100 Cupboards.  One can almost see Wilson grow as a writer.

Although the series is billed as a children’s fantasy, it is one in the same vein as Lord of the Rings,  Narnia, the Black Cauldron or The Dark is Rising series.  That means adults like me love it.

The series has an American, rather than British, bent.  It is placed in Henry,  Kansas.  We all know Kansas has seen odd things happen before. I particularly remember legs rolling up underneath a house…

Henry York is visiting cousins for the summer.  In the first book he found the cupboards in his attic bedroom and strange things happened.  In Dandelion Fire, Henry himself changes in strange ways.  More of the the mystery behind the cupboards is revealed.

Wilson’s writing is so wonderfully organic–in the sense of describing nature and happenings natural and supernatural, physical,  and vivid.  There are allusions to classic,  mythological,  and biblical tales.   There are people getting hungry and dirty in the midst of difficulties and sufferings.  There is magic, and hope and rip-roaring adventure.  It is a great read.

The best book of this kind I have read in a long time.

Run out and get both books!

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