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12 Mar

I spent some Christmas money extravagantly.  I bought a French translation of a Japanese quilting book from a store in Switzerland.  It came yesterday. It was mailed from the Netherlands.

It is very nice.

Icewerks has a lovely photos from the original book in Japanese.

And how did I find out about the book?  Well, I had a generous gift card to a large book store chain from a singing gig, and bought a Quiltmania magazine with some of it.    It appealed to me because the quilts were different.  Come to find out, it is a French magazine, recently being translated into English for the US market.

There were articles about Russian women quilters, a French quilter who makes quilts for grieving families from the deceased clothes, a big quilt show in France, a visit to the home of a French quilter and needleworker, and even one about an Amish quilt sale here in the USA.  An advert for the magazine was in the back.

One thing that stands out about the magazine is that Europeans seems to like traditional American quilt patterns. They add a twist to them and they look lovely.   We Americans seem to want to find something new and different and arty–at least from the contents of the American quilt magazines and the last quilt show I attended –a year ago Christmas time.  I can not recall a traditional American quilt pattern in that show.  Quilts  in the magazines here tend to deal with paint, feathers, embroidery, raw edges and high-end fabrics. And that is what I saw at the quilt show.  “Art quilts” are the thing.  Not useable, washable beauties.

But I am in the market to make a useable, washable beauty.

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