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A March Saturday Lunch

14 Mar

Take some of the last of the potatoes and an onion. Dice the onion and chop the potatoes. In the cast iron skillet used last night to cook the birthday man’s steaks and which still contains the residual butter and beef fat, place the potatoes and onion, cover and put over moderately high flame.

From the leftover boiled corned beef of Thursday’s supper thinly cut a half dozen or so slices and dice them.  Add to the potatoes and onion.  After the potatoes are nicely browned, turn the heat down to a moderately low flame and let everything cook together, about 20 minutes total.

And voila!  One of the most wonderful meals: corned beef hash.


Little Ones Who Are Not Counted

14 Mar

An article on the grievous new trend in abortion and how the Protestant Church is becoming complicit: do it yourself at home.

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