Early Birds and Snow Drops

15 Mar

Before 7AM today Hawthorne and I were out in the pre-dawn light for his morning constitutional.  The birds began to wake up and sing. Red-wing blackbirds, robins.  Then the 20 degree still clear air rippled with the sound of an aggressive gobble off from the northeast.  A Tom turkey!
Hawthorne raised his head and wondered “What on earth is that”?

The gobbling continued.  I don’t know if it was one or more birds, but the sound was soon lost in the chorus of birds closer to us waking up and greeting the new day.

Over the past ten days or so in addition to those who stayed the winter and those birds mentioned above the bluebirds and killdeer have been heard and seen.  The woodpeckers are singing, too.  And lots of little spiders are running in the dry pasture grass.

Yesterday the second flowers of this year bloomed.  Snowdrops.


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