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One value of a 50 lb. free weight

16 Mar

Saturday morning H and I took a long walk with him on leash up and down and around the woods.  Later that day the girl and I walked down to retrieve one of her neighbor friends and walked home again; I to cut and haul six loads of dead perennial clippings while they lunged Cherry.   A couple hours later we walked back down to take her home, then I walked to a different neighbor’s woods where Jay had gone three hours before with the chain saw to cut up a large downed hickory.  I was getting worried.  (He was OK, talking to the neighbor) So I walked 3+ miles in addition to cutting and hauling.

Now previous years have proved that following the the first sunny March Saturday comes the first painful Sunday and Monday of the spring since muscles which have not been stretched and used during the winter are called into action once again.  It usually takes a few weeks for me to get back in shape and up to speed without muscle pain.

Usually after hunting season comes December, the month of Holidays.  Then comes  January, the month of More Holidays and of Putting Away Everything Used During Holidays.  There is lots of work and the vast majority of it indoors.  By mid-January the severe cold and the snow pack have settled in and I also settle in and pretend to be a hibernating bear who sews.   Until the first sunny Saturday in March.

But not this winter! This winter there was a 50 lb. free weight that needed an exercise walk each day, and bathroom breaks, and nail trimming, and brushing, and assorted other energetic interactions.  Each Day.  Every Day. Several times a day.  Isabelle and Jay helped.  A lot.  But most days it was me and the dog out there in the bitter wind, the deep snow, the sub-zero cold on that morning walk.   And now it seems that was as good as, or better, than a membership to a Health Club for my physical body.

And Hawthorne has blossomed into a dog who loves to be loved and love in return.  No weight machine ever can match that.

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