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The Old Sly Cat

19 Mar

One of the small birds which had been coming to the feeder for months got too used to Pounce just sitting outside watching.  It made the mistake of thinking an old fat cat was not a threat.

Now its wings and feet are my first specimens drying for use on cards this year.

If you guess (or you know) what kind of bird it was I will send you a couple cards. Ones already made–you do not have to wait for these wings to be used.

First right answer wins.


A Walk with Audrey

19 Mar

Monday evening Audrey and I walked around the Cornell Plantations.  The Witchhazels are in full bloom.  Some Hellebores are blooming.   The Cornelian Cherry is in bud.


The witchhazel blooms were all sorts of colors.  And some were highly scented.


redwitchpalewitchpeachwitchWhat would pollinate them this time of year?  Maybe all the honeybees that are on the aconites.


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