Barth Mapes

26 Mar

There was one more thing Jay and I did on the first day of Spring.We met downtown and attended the memorial service for an old friend, Mr. Barth Mapes.
Jay grew up and is good friends with his son.  Jay remembers
especially a 9-day Boy Scout camping trip to the wilds of Maine on a large lake
where food was strictly rationed and they paddled canoes most of every day.
His father and Barth both went; Jay in a canoe with his father, Barth Jr. in a canoe with his.  The guys brought the canoes together, the fathers in the stern paddling and steering, and the boys, each using a paddle as a mast, somehow attached a ground tarp between the two paddles, between the two canoes so the four of them could sail rather than paddle.
For at least a while.

It is a wonder to Jay that Mr. Mapes and his father would have, and could have taken so much time from work to go on a trip with their sons.  Both men had jobs with high levels of responsibility related to the running of agriculture and animal science, respectively, at Cornell.

Mr. Mapes was very kind to me as a graduate student and later when I ran a research lab.  He and Mrs. Mapes were also kind to the two of us after we were married, including us in family dinners, allowing us to use their family’s cottage in Canada for a vacation.

One Response to “Barth Mapes”

  1. I read this before, but it was a joy to find something about my father that I had forgotten was on the Internet. Kathryn Mapes

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