Birthday Notes

30 Mar

Last Sunday I drove home and arrived just in time to go with my folks and Aunt Jane to Aunt Janice’s home for a March/April birthdays lunch.  Brother Charles  and nephew Joshua were also able to come.birthday-dinner

Friday night Angela came for a visit and she, Jay and I played a game of hearts before she drove home.

Saturday evening and Sunday morning the children’s play was performed at church: “Malice in the Palace”, a version of the Purim play about Esther.  Isabelle was Zaresh, Hamen’s wicked silly wife.


It was a small role, but had funny lines: “Oh, my Persian peanut…” , “Yes, my succulent fig.”  The cat’s eye glasses helped a lot.  They were from Suzanne’s birthday party a few months ago.

After church Rita and David came for buckwheat pancakes and a walk in the woods to look for salamanders.  We found a total of twelve, of three species.

Isabelle and I went to her quartet where we worked on the third movement of the Mozart piece–the Rondo.  Syncopation is a difficult concept.

Within the 24 hours from Saturday to Sunday, the grass started greening up. I pulled the straw from off the Hellebores and they perked up.  There are lots of buds. And it was in the 50’s yesterday, which is why we looked for the salamanders.  But we woke up this morning to snow on the ground.  It stayed throughout today on the hills.

This morning I finished reading “Dandelion Fire ” aloud to Isabelle.  What a good book.

For birthday supper we had a green mixed salad with multicolored sweet peppers and a French hard cheese; scallops baked in seasoned light cream, butter and Marsala; a spinach, onion and cheese quiche; and boughten dessert.

And then, after supper, Isaac spied a lacewing on the table.  Jay surmises it hatched on the forsythia or pussy willows.  He will take it to work and release it into a greenhouse there, where it can find some aphids to eat since it is a bit early to find them in the wild here.

One Response to “Birthday Notes”

  1. Carol Yahoodik at 6:38 AM #

    Hi Debbie,
    Glad to hear you had suc a nice birthday celebration.
    Hope you have a wonderful year!

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