24 Apr

Tuesday Jay was cutting up a dead cherry when he and Isabelle came upon this cache in the heart of the tree.

grubsThe large white larvae are as long as my little finger but as big around as my forefinger.  The dark ovoid objects are not chocolate truffles even though they certainly look l as if they could be.  What an April Fool’s joke that would be!

No, they seem to be made at least partly of wood pulp. I do not know if they could be called cocoons as no thread seems to be involved.   They are unlike any case I have ever seen before.


After I contacted him with a couple ideas about what kind of beetle these larvae may become,   Mr. E.R. Hoebeke, an Extension entomologist at Cornell, gave me the correct answer: a type of Osmoderma, the largest scarab beetle found in the Northeastern US.

We put our finds back in mulch in a pot and hope to someday in the not too distant future to see at least one of them as an adult.


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