What’s Been Cooking?

11 May

Well, last night I made caramels for the first time.  Jay needs a daily caramel.  Or a few.  I also seem to have gotten in the habit.

I noted down a recipe from some magazine  in the library a while ago and had never gotten round to making them.  I remembered Ellie used to make hundreds for Christmas.  Then this morning she told me she has the recipe used by her church, which would sell every one they made as soon as they were ready.

The hardest part for me was cutting correctly sized wax papers to wrap them in.

caramelSort of following the recipe, I sprinkled kosher salt on both sides of the caramel slab before cutting it.  The salty melds contrasts nicely with the sweet.

Even though these use real butter and cream, corn syrup,  sugar and real vanilla they are less expensive than store bought.  And much higher quality.  And much tastier.

Also this weekend made my Grandmother Lovejoy’s Cinnamon Applesauce jello that is frosted with a cream cheese mixture.   Used an off brand lemon jello and was not pleased with the saggy results.  But it tasted fine.  To some of us.


One Response to “What’s Been Cooking?”

  1. origamifreak 11 May 2009 at 5:42 PM #

    About the jello:
    I liked the applesauce part. And the cinnamony part. But I could just not get used to the miracle whip plus cream cheese flavor of the “icing.” I think it would be better with normal cream cheese icing. The kind you find on carrot cakes… 🙂

    About the caramels:
    I am glad there weren’t any of those in evidence when I stopped by on Saturday! Yoiks – your house can be downright dangerous at times!

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