Eating Snakes, Snakes Eating

19 May

by guest poster Isabelle

Today I decided to change my snakes’ habitat.  I put my two snakes, Shy Boy and Sly Boy in a white cup, then emptied everything out of their bucket.

I then went up to the garden and put a shovelful of soil in the bottom and stomped to pack it down.  Then I went over to my sand box and looked for slugs around the outside.  I found quite a few, and some worms.

Then I went to the water barrel and moistened the soil.  The slugs I dampened and put in a pile inside the bucket.  I pulled some grass and put it in the bucket.  Then I went over to my snakes and put them in the bucket with their piece of bark.

I had noticed that they looked kind of empty so I decided to search for some slugs, since previously it had been too dry.  I sat and watched them.  Sly Boy the not so shy started slithering around.  He stopped.  There was a slug right in front of him.  He sort of looked at it and then followed it while smelling/tasting it with his tongue.  Then he started to swallow it head first.  His mouth was able to become quite wide.

After swallowing it and letting it slide down his throat he slithered away into a ball soaking up the sun.  Meanwhile this whole time Shy Boy was under his bark.  He then came sliding out from underneath and slithered around.  I wondered if he would also eat.  So I picked up a wandering slug and dropped it in front of him.  He immediately recoiled, scared.  The he loosened up and followed it around as the slug crawled away.

Then, as the slug crawled before him he smelled it–making sure it was a slug.  The he started to swallow it sideways, rotating it back end first.  His jaws began to gulp and swallow.  It went down.  I could see it slide behind his head down his throat.  It was so amazing watching a snake eat.  They are so flexible.

The Shy Boy slid over to his friend and they entwined themselves together while they rested, soaking up the sun.


One Response to “Eating Snakes, Snakes Eating”

  1. Alyssa 19 May 2009 at 4:11 PM #

    Isabelle, it’s lovely to hear from you! I hope you will post more snake stories soon. Sounds like you are a good snake-mama. Love, Alyssa

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