Knitting Backwards

11 Jun

A long while ago, on a blog far away, there were photos of a shawl I started knitting.  The body got finished, but then came the edging.

What a horrible amount of work doing a 12 stitch, ten row repeat edging is around the circumference of a fine guage knitted lacework shawl that is four plus feet long.  And the worst part?  The purl rows.

Imagine turning the whole lump of fabric every 12 stitches.  Well.  I didn’t after the first six or so inches.  It was too much like torture.

And then this year I learned to knit entrelac.  Hmm.  Looks like there is no photo of the entrelac scarf that is mostly done.  Will remedy that.intarsia

And one of the things I learned to effectively knit entrelac was to knit backwards. Because all entrelac is, in essence, is shortrowing from one stitch to, say,  twelve and back to one, over and over again.  And the  problem of turning immediately arises.  So I taught myself to purl from the right side, which is knitting backwards.

And finally, in April, it occurred to me that this would be the easier way to knit the edging on the shawl.

Am astounded to find no photos of the shawl.

Tomorrow, perhaps.

To bed.


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