15 Jun

At 3AM this morning, I woke hearing scratching on the  door between the dining and living room.  The animals sleep in the dining/kitchen rooms.  We sleep upstairs above the living room.

It was Hawthorne.  He was practicing re-training me.  He has lots of time to sit around and think about how best to get me to do what he wishes.  And what he has come to wish for lately is for me to take him outside to the bathroom in the wee morning hours when I get up to go to the bathroom.

It all started about a week ago when he ate some raw carrots–he loves them–and a small bowl’s worth of cooked salmon skin and scraps.  He also loved those.  But they did not like him.

He had diarrhea for two days.  I got up to take him out in the misty rain at 2.30AM the next morning, without a lead line or collar because he was so anxious and I could not immediately find them because I was so sleepy.  He was pathetically grateful.

Two mornings later he scratched at 2.30AM again and I took him out again, thinking, “OK,  maybe things are still not all through.”

Then we left for a family reunion.  He was fine at the farm.  We returned home. He scratched at about 2.45AM and I took him out, because he had been very anxious all day, what with travelling and going to a completely new place (the park where the gathering was held) and all.

But this morning, I laid there and thought “That dog expects me to get up and take him out just because he wishes!”  So even though I did need to get up for myself, I determined to lay right there and not move.  Hawthorne did not scratch again.  And eventually Jay got up, and me with him.

I knew Hawthorne would not dare make a peep when he heard Jay come down the stairs.  And I was fairly sure He would make whiney, anxious noises if I went down alone.

God willing, it will be my re-training regimen which succeeds, rather than my dog’s.

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