New Bird

19 Jun

The rain total by yesterday evening was 1.1 inches.  Almost predictably, Isabelle returned from walking Hawthorne in the afternoon with a new nestling.  This time it was Hawthorne who found it, and brought it to her.  She indicated it was enclosed in his mouth and that he ran with it over to her as if to say “Look what I found!”

But he was very gentle and there is nary a scratch or bruise on the bird, who has been eating lots of pieces of soaked cat food and pooping prodigiously. It is wonderful that baby bird excrement is encased in its own little sac and that the nestlings themselves lift up their little ends up to the edge of the nest so as to indicate their intent and not foul the nest.

For perspective, note that the red container it is in is three inches in diameter.


We think it is a robin, but are not 100 percent sure.

One Response to “New Bird”

  1. sandysays1 25 June 2009 at 7:46 AM #

    Wow, what a tiny bird! We have some nesting birds by our home. There are two ospreys (this year’s young are now flying), a night heron (chirppers are feeding) and serveral pink ibis in nests in the mangroves down the canal. All our baby birds are big old honkers! Good to see a person who really cares about animals. Sandy

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