The Sweet Potato Noodle Comparison

21 Jun

Angela bought these “yam noodles” made of glucomannon and they sounded bizarre since I have used sweet potato noodles since a Korean friend taught me to make Jab Chai  years ago.  When Isaac was in low single digits, that’s how long ago.

So she came Saturday and we had a tasting.  She used her two varieties of noodles–which do not need cooking– to make the same cold noodle salad  garlic shoots, sesame seeds and Wegman’s  Thai peanut sauce.  Really good.


Above, the straight glucomannon noodles.  Below, the noodles which  had tofu in them and therefore white.

gluco with tofu

And lastly, true sweet potato noodles, which are dry and have to be cooked, since they are normal noodles and have calories.  This is Jap Chai: the noodles with venison, garlic, onion, peppers, sesame oil, soy sauce, garden greens.


They may not look much different.  But the two top noodles are like eating styrofoam or stretchy plastic.


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