29 Jun

Isaac is now a high school graduate.

The first three and a half hours of Friday began thusly:  I was up at 5.30 AM.  I read a few chapters,  then took the dog and cat out to poo,  brought them in and dried them off.  Wrote some on scent and smell.  Woke husband.  Cut lettuce, chard, spinach and the incidental dill in the sprinkles and rain.  Cleaned the sink and filled it with cold water.  Rearranged the fridge contents to accommodate lettuce. Washed, trimmed, sorted, spun dry and bagged lettuce.  Got kids up and going. Cut up and cooked a cup of bacon ends. Thinly sliced 4 onions and cooked them in bacon grease.  Sorted chicken quarters and counted out enough to keep dog full and quiet while company is here (2 days and Sunday).  Freezed the rest.  Picked up the Scarlet Tanager feathers and their container that falls out of the freezer when I opened the door.  Planned how many cups water are needed for jello jigglers.  Wrote this.


My parents, aunts and niece came down Friday afternoon.  We had supper: smoked salmon-cream cheese-dill  spread on bread squares;  spinach, swiss chard, onion, bacon, cheese, thyme and rosemary quiche; green salad; brownies.  Hot, freshly brewed coffee and cream.  The fresh broccoli and garlic scapes sat forgotten on the stove.

The graduation itself was held indoors in a gym overflowing with people and heat.  The thunder, rain and overcast skies that had been the weather of the day disappeared as soon as the program started; sunlight poured through the high windows, adding to the steamy heat of hundreds of bodies.

Jay’s mom and sister D returned to mom’s home, the rest of us came to our house and Isaac received a camera from Aunt Janice and his quilt from us.  And we ate chrries, brownies and drank more coffee.  Then the visiting adults left for Mom M’s to stay the night.  We got Janine.

Friday night my left hip and knee hurt terribly when I went to bed.  Too much just standing, I think.  I got up and made potato salad around 11.30PM  Then at 1AM I went for a walk, hiding, as usual, behind telephone poles, behind or in  shrubbery, and down in ditches when cars would come zooming by.  Then fell asleep for a few hours.

Saturday neighbor L came with the two batches of cupcakes she had made for the reception: peanut butter and molasses. Prior to her coming I got out the venison and chicken which had been marinating for three days, picked chives and stirred them into the potato salad, made dressing, etc.   I made seven-minute cream cheese frosting and L and I started frosting cupcakes and decorating them with sprinkles.  Janine  and Isabelle took my place eventually so I could make chocolate buttercream frosting.  L made a small batch of vanilla buttercream for the last partial dozen. There were 10.5 dozen cupcakes in all!

Later, Isaac cut bread, Janine spread smoked salmon spread on the bread and Isabelle to cut dill to ornament same.  There was some time spent on emotional outbursts by the youngest child. Isaac and Jay were busy with tables and chairs.

At noon family came for lunch.  At two friends came.  At 9PM or so the last friend left. What a wonderful time!

Sunday most of the day was spent recovering from the wonderful time. 🙂


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