Just Plum Good

16 Aug

We own two plum trees, neither of which has ever produced more than a handful of plums.

So this spring Jay stood between them and informed the trees that if no fruit was forthcoming this year, a chainsaw would be visiting them.  He also put out an old-fashioned smudge pot two nights when it was frosty.

Well.  It seems they listened.  A few limbs have broken off because the weight of fruit was too much for them to bear. There are 2×4’s under many limbs, supporting them.  Hard to believe?

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:

plum good

With the current heat wave, the plums will all be ready in the next few days.  We have been giving as many as possible away.  I guess I will have to can some.

And that T-shirt is one of my favorites, bought at Rhinebeck at the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy booth.  They have nothing so nice now.  All photos, not art. If anyone knows where to find something similar, please let me know.  This one is worn through on the shoulders in back and can not be worn in public any more.

chicken shirt

One Response to “Just Plum Good”

  1. origamifreak 17 August 2009 at 12:51 AM #

    Try here:

    or here:

    Aah. Plum Canning Season. When it was Wise to Stay Out Of The Kitchen while my mom fussed and fumed over pots and pots of boiling jars of plums and plum sauce… 😮

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