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Beautiful and Excellent

3 Sep

Those are the words the girl and I will be studying for a while.  They describe the public presentation recitation she gave at the State Fair yesterday in the State 4H Public Presentation competition.

This past spring she was required by her 4H leader and her mother to choose a subject and style of participation for the 4H public presentation in this county.  After exhaustive, excruciating deliberation she finally decided to choose four poems about horses from an anthology of horse poetry she found at the book sale and give a recitation.

A recitation includes an introduction, descriptions and discussions of what you are reciting and a conclusion.  She did all the writing and preparing with a modicum of motherly input.  She did well enough at the local level to go on to area presentations and did well enough there to be chosen for state level.

She had to present her recitation at the local, little fair in July where she received some good advise from adults.  A former State Gold Medal winner came and worked with her one afternoon on gestures, of which she had none.

She worked on her speech and wrote it out incorporating the gestures.  I had minor editing input.  I did listen and time her presentation frequently towards the end.  She gave it to relatives and friends–anyone we could coax to listen to her.

Yesterday about noon she gave her presentation in an incredibly noisy area, wearing a head mic for the first time in her life.  She did a superb job.  So superb that she was awarded a gold on her certificate.  It is the equivalent of a blue ribbon.  Her point total was only 6 shy of a perfect score.  It was totally unexpected.  Several persons who heard her in July said they were astounded at the progress she had made in the interval between then and yesterday.

There are three days of presentations for students across the state.  The last day is Saturday.  Then awards will be handed out for excellence in the whole population of  presenters this year.

She did so well yesterday she will not be allowed to come back at a state level with a recitation ever again, but will have to choose from other forms of public presentations: speech, demonstration, illustrated talk, or dramatic presentation.

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